Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meet Our Sources: Blue Moon Fishmonger, Suffolk County, NY

Featured Ingredient April 22nd dinner: Clams

The Blue Moon is Alex's small boat, a 36-foot Duffy, docked at the Mattituck Inlet.

In 1988 Alex started bringing fish to the Greenmarket, after his sister's Diane (who lives in downtown Manhattan) recommended it as a sideline. The first market was Tribeca, and after a few years he did so well that began selling most of my catch to the public through the Greenmarket program, instead of wholesaling fish to the Fulton Fish Market.

He added the Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn market in 1990, where met his wife Stephanie.

In 1996 they began their Wednesday market at Union Square. They now work 6 or 7 days a week from March to Christmastime, fishing, smoking and selling at the Greenmarkets. They are happy to bring in the freshest fish They can, and offer it at a price that is reasonable.

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